Similarly to the builders of modular homes, we have arrived at the recognition that we are able to produce continuously controlled output regardless of the weather conditions only as solutions made by production at our own plant. Accordingly, we now produce approximately 80% of our boat bridges and solutions at Paadisildade OÜ’s production facility at the Vihavu Industrial Park, Vihavu Village, Puhja Rural Municipality, Tartu County. Our specialists are thoroughly experienced in building bridges.


Heated production facilities are housed on a total of 800 m2, with approximately 5000 m2 in total available for use. We have modern production plant and safe loading equipment. The quality of every product shipped is important for us, as a result of which particular attention has been paid to quality control.


In our production, we apply the ISO 9001 quality management system. Our products in series manufacture have all been tried and tested over the years, and we can say with honour that whilst the mistakes made have given us some hard lessons, they have also contributed to constructive progress.


We consider the advantages of modular production to include the following:


  • Continuous control of outgoing products: precise dimensions and consistent material;
  • Minimisation of the weather conditions and resulting stability;
  • Pre-drying and suitable environment category of impregnated material;
  • Fast installations, with minimum burdening of the site;
  • Archiving the specification for the modules issued, subsequent addition or updating of details;