The abutment is the first element in the construction of a boat bridge. This is a solution constructed into the shore or on the waterline and remains fastened to the ground and provides access to the boat bridge over a gangway. An abutment is not always necessary; however, is recommended in most instances. As a rule, the abutment is constructed on four screw piles or using concrete.


The abutment constructed on screw piles has a metal frame.

Dimensions of an abutment on a screw pile: width 1.2 m, length 1.4 m (1.68 m2)

Concrete abutment dimensions: width 1.4 m, length 0.8 m (1.12 m2)

The abutment is installed at a right angle to the waterline.

The gangway is attached to the abutment.

The abutment is constructed using timber or concrete (type and number of piles for the product).

Frame: 45 × 145 mm / 45 × 195 / 70 × 195 mm HC4 impregnated pine

Decking: 28 × 120 HC4 impregnated fluted pine

Metal parts: hot-dip galvanized

Securing devices meet the C4 environment category

Installation height is selected according to the shore.

Abutment on screw piles 1214


Item code GRO1121440 Frame 45×145 mm

Screw piles 4 x 1,5 m

Item code GRO2121440 Frame 45×195 mm

Screw piles 4 x 1,5 m

Item code GRO3121440 Frame 70×195 mm

Screw piles 4 x 1,5 m

Concrete abutment 0814


Item code GRO0140800

Material: conrete