Master ECO productline

Master ECO productline


The Master ECO models are in particular for servicing boats and constructing smaller harbours. For swimming, the freeboard height of the said bridges is too great; one can come out of the water only using ladders. Bridges withstand a higher wave height than in case of Shallow but not more than 0.3 m. The width of a boat bridge is 2.4 m, and a single module is 6 m long. By joining individual modules, solutions of various shapes or lengths may be created; allowance should be made for a module length of 6 m.



Module product range MASTER ECO productline
Use Boat bridge, pier, raft, terrace, harbour for smaller boats
Suitable vessels Motorboat, yacht
Module lengths  6 m
Module width 2,4 m
Freeboard height 0,5 m
Acceptable wave height Up to 0,3 m
Floats 450 L / 450 L Styrofoam
Timber parts Frame 45×195 mm / 70 x 195 mm, decking 28 x 120 mm; impregnated pine HC4
Module weight 500-800 kg
Anchors Weight of one anchor position from 500 kg
Anchor chains  13 / 16 mm hot-dip galvanized
Resistance to ice Freezing over is acceptable, whereas ice movement is not acceptable.
Transport Transport equipment

Master ECO 2460


 Module width 2,4 m, lenght 6,0 m

Frame 45×195 / 70 x195 mm

The option of joining bridge modules is available.